Join our Affiliate Program & earn 30% of each purchase for Lifetime.

Our affiliate program offers 30% commissions, lifetime referrals, 6 months cookies, custom discount coupons, weekly payouts, advanced statistics with campaign tracking.

CMS Market Premium Themes & Plugins Affiliate Program
CMS Market Affiliates Program Products Features

Products Features

We offer affordable prices, original files, unlimited domain use, 24/7 support & free updates.

CMS Market Affiliates Program Lifetime Commisions

Lifetime Commisions

For each new customer you refer to us, you will earn 30% commission on their purchases for lifetime.

CMS Market Affiliates Program Discount Coupons

Discount Coupons

You'll get custom discount coupons that your referrals can use which are connected to your affiliate account.

CMS Market Affiliates Program Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

You'll get access to a detailed dashboard where you can monitor your performance and earnings.

Questions & Answers

How does it work?
Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing where businesses reward affiliates for visitors they send to the business’s site via the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.
After you create an affiliate account, you will have access to the affiliates dashboard where you can create affiliate links to any product or page on the site.
When you share a product with your affiliate link and a customer buys it, you will get %30 of the value of that product, plus %30 of all future purchases made by that customer.
How can i promote products and get referrals?


  • Create SEO friendly blog posts or a guest blog to write about an area of interest that is related to the service you’re marketing.
  • Use your site or a social service to feature an item, using your referral link. This could be a post, a sidebar widget, or a tweet on Twitter.
  • Use targeted banner ads including banner ads for specific categories. You can download banners in your affiliate area creatives tab.
  •  Promote your custom discount coupon and limited time discounts that we run on collections of items.
  • Design a page or site that is unique in design and isn’t going to confuse anyone about your purpose as an affiliate.
What do you mean by lifetime referrals?
When a customer clicks on your affiliate’s referral URL and makes a purchase, they’re instantly linked to your affiliate account. When the customer returns to make another purchase on our website, you will receive a commission, even if they visit your website directly.
Even If the customer makes a guest purchase (logged out) their email address is used to look up the linked affiliate.
Additionally, if the customer ever uses a different email address while purchasing (logged in) or changes their email address from their WordPress profile, the new email address is stored with the linked affiliate. This ensures that if the customer ever makes a purchase while logged out, the linked affiliate will still receive commission on the sale.
What is a cookie and how can it affect referrals?
Cookie is a small piece of data which is stored in a user’s web browser when they visit a website.
When someone clicks on your affiliate link, a 6 month cookie is set on their browser, even if he didn’t make a purchase right away, any purchase made later within 6 months you will get a commission for it plus %30 of all future purchases.
What is a custom discount coupon and how can I use it?
A discount coupon code is a code that is allocated to your affiliate’s account that your visitors can use to get discounts to the products on the site.
When someone uses your custom discount coupon in a purchase even if he didn’t click on your affiliate link, you will get a commission from that purchase plus %30 of all future purchases made by that customer.
How can i receive my earnings?

We offer payouts to PayPal, Payeer or Bitcoin.

Payouts are scheduled Bi-Weekly.

The minimum payout threshold is $20.

How much can I earn?
It depends on how much traffic you can you bring to your affiliate links among other things.
For example : if you make a post on your website containing an affiliate link to one of our products, and you got 8000 visits on that post, lets say %20 of them clicked on the affiliate link, that’s 1600 visits and then 15% of them made a purchase, that is 240 purchases, with an average product price of $8 multiplied by 240 orders and a commission of %30, you will get $576. That without including any future purchases made by those referrals.
If you include all future purchases made by those referrals and also referrals acquired by custom discount coupon and with our 6 months cookie in case the visitor didn’t make a purchase right away, that earnings number is easily multiplied many times.
Common affiliate marketing terms
Affiliate – A person, business or website who promote the products and/or services of another business to potential customers, in exchange for a commission on a sale or a successful conversion.
Affiliate ID – A unique ID which is automatically assigned to each affiliate when they register themselves, It is a means of identifying an affiliate. The affiliate ID appears in the affiliate’s referral URL when promoting products or websites.
Affiliate coupon – A discount coupon code that is allocated to a specific affiliate’s account. When the affiliate coupon is redeemed by a customer at checkout, the connected affiliate is awarded a referral as though the customer had used a referral URL.
Affiliate marketing – A performance-based marketing system whereby a business or site owner rewards affiliates when visitors or customers are brought in by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.
Affiliate referral URL/link – The URL/link affiliates use to promote a website or products. It has the affiliate ID appended to it so the affiliate can be tracked when a visitor or customer visits our website. If the customer successfully completes a conversion, a referral will be generated and the affiliate will be awarded a commission.
Commission – A percentage of a purchase total that is awarded to the affiliate each time a customer successfully purchases a product via an affiliate’s referral link or coupon code.
Commission rate – The value which affiliates will receive when a purchase is successfully made. The commission rate is a percentage (30%) of the total purchase.
Cookie – A small piece of data which is stored in a user’s web browser when they visit a website.
Cookie expiration – How long the cookies stay in a customer’s browser, so if a customer didn’t purchase right away and returns to your site using that same browser at a later date, and purchases a product, a referral can still be generated for the referring affiliate. The cookie expiration is currently ( 6 Months ).
Referral – This is the conversion and commission data recorded for an affiliate when a conversion is successful. A referral is generated when a visitor successfully purchases a product, after visiting our website via the affiliate’s referral link.
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